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 What’s Unique About a Heart Path Journeys Retreat: sgsigncirclelgclear

We customize the retreat to meet your needs, interests, budget and timeline:postcardVR

Rather than having to plan your life around when we are offering a retreat, we plan your retreat around the timeline in which you are able to come! Heart Path Journey’s sessions are all private, one-on-one with the practitioners (unless you opt to have couple’s retreat, family retreat or even a girlfriends’ retreat—perfect for milestone birthday parties, for instance). You can either pick a pre-designed retreat itinerary or you can “build your own” by picking and choosing from our session offerings or let us know what your situation is and we’ll customize a retreat just for you.
Consequently, your retreat can be “a little of this” and “a little of that” instead of a whole lot of one thing (like yoga or meditation, for instance). Perhaps you want an hour or two of yoga, but also want to go hiking and also want a massage and also want to learn to meditate or deepen your practice or learn to create healthier relationships…. or learn about the labyrinth as a tool for learning about yourself…. We can mix and match our sessions to meet your needs, and budget.


Cancer Support Labyrinth Walk/RetreatWe can also build custom group retreats for your friends, family, organization or team:

Do you want to do something special for your 40th, 50th 60th? Do you want a family experience that goes beyond the beach? Does your workplace or organization need some rejuvenation? We will customize a retreat for your group.…from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, we are happy to develop a retreat to meet your group’s needs.

You can spend as little or as much as you want, there is no set price:

Whether you just want to stay on site while guiding your own retreat experience, want one session or twenty sessions, we are happy to work with your budget and desires to meet your needs.

EvelabyrinthwalktalkWe teach Self-Mastery that has long lasting effects in every area of your life—relationships, health, spirituality, career, happiness and well-being:

Our primary work is around self-mastery and alignment, no matter what the focus of the retreat is. Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems from the same kind of thinking that created them” so we teach our guests how to access a different part of their being, their heart and soul, to find the answers to their situations. I call this accessing “Soul-utions!”

We pride ourselves on being “grounded” and what we teach just plain makes sense, such that we can speak to corporate managers, spiritual seekers, people in transition or someone heartbroken or grieving. What we teach is common sense, uncommonly known, but so powerful it speaks to everyone.

We get amazing results!

Check out the testimonies from our happy clients! I hear back from people years later —with ongoing results from their retreat experience. We teach skills and provide tools that create lasting change.

jeannaOur practitioners are teachers, healers and truly gifted in their modalities and they work as a team for your total support:

One of the truly different things we do also is work together as a team, even though the sessions are one on one. We don’t want our guests getting stuck retelling their story, nor wasting precious session time doing so, so the team of practitioners that you are scheduled to work with, with your permission, email each other or call with a “progress report” between each session. We inform each other of what we shared/discussed, any pertinent details that need to be known and what we think the guest may need additional assistance with. Thus, even though your sessions are with different practitioners, the experience is articulated together for the most powerful impact. Our practitioners all approach the same concepts from different angles allowing the guest multiple different modalities for deepening the understanding and bringing about change.

West Maui with Big WavesWe make sure that you know how to “take the retreat home” and provide ongoing support if needed:
We complete each retreat with an “integration session” that reviews the most important “aha’s,” tools, skills and concepts and provides guidance for how to take the learning home to change one’s life. The integration and implementation piece is so important for bringing about transformation and lasting change.
It is our goal that our guests leave equipped with the tools, skills, perspectives and experiences needed to truly align their lives with their highest selves and their highest purpose—happily, healthfully and peacefully! It is our intention that you will never need us again

mauibeachfootstepsMAUI, HAWAII! Do I need to say more?

We do all of this in one of the most beautiful places in the world! From the turquoise waters that surround Maui to the greens of the jungle and forest, to the moon like appearance of Haleakala Crater….

AND Hawaii is one of the safest places in the world to travel.

Many of our sessions take place at The Sacred Garden which has two walking labyrinths, meditation gardens….and beauty and peace galore! The Sacred Garden was just recognized as one of Maui’s most peaceful places! We have on-site retreat accommodations as well, for individuals, couples and group retreats.

EveatweddingcuteAs the owner of Heart Path Journeys, I live on-site and “watch over you” as you progress. We truly care about our guests and form friendships that continue long after the retreat is completed. If you want to get started learning right away, but can’t come on retreat right now, I have written several books and a blog to guide you as an instant first step!

It is my sincere hope that you join us on a Sacred Maui Retreat…and discover your own heart path!


With aloha,

Eve Hogan

808-243-PATH (7284) •

470 Kaluanui Road, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768

Please keep the time difference in mind if calling. Hawaii is 2-3 hours earlier than the west coast of the US and 5-6 hours earlier than the east coast.