lauraspringhikeWe spend 100% of our time in our own company, and yet many of us may be surprised to realize that we don’t know or trust ourselves very well.

In fact, many of us are quite gifted about making sure that “who we really are” never has a chance to be heard. We turn on background noise—television, radio, the Internet, or the telephone—every time we have a quiet moment during which the inner voice could be heard.  We seek outside of ourselves for our answers, instead of taking the time to go within and listen, inquire, and explore our own truth.

While we may be quite knowledgeable about the world outside of us—the world we have studied, trained in, or practiced—what about the inner world?

I remember once when I was young and on a date when the man asked me if I liked a certain painting in an art exhibit. I didn’t know how to answer. Not only was I afraid of saying the wrong thing (an opinion that didn’t match his), I truly didn’t know myself well enough to know whether I liked it or not. I didn’t trust myself enough to hold my opinion in the event that he didn’t feel the same way. I simply played the “I don’t know” card and asked what he thought. I offered nothing of myself in that exchange.

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