We now offer spiritual and wellness retreats on the spectacular island of Kauai!

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, and spectacular beauty will surround you, open your heart and awaken your soul.

Our Sacred Kauai Retreats operate slightly differently than our Maui retreats. On Kauai, we have specific itineraries available and the personalization happens in the session, depending on your needs and readiness to release and let go, heal and grow. Everyone has their own pace and our practitioners are intuitive and sensitive to each person’s individual journey.

beautifulbeachkauaismOur Sacred Kauai Retreat can be One-day, Two-day or Three-day retreats (or more by special arrangement) and though the topic of the session is the same, each cumulative session will deepen your experience and understanding and strengthen your practice.

Imagine starting the day with Yoga, then soaking up the beauty and power of the land, followed by an Energy Medicine Session and completing the day with Mana Lomi Massage!

In addition to your retreat sessions, we will assist you in scheduling Kauai Activities and providing you with a guide for how to approach these activities through “Spiritual Eyes” allowing you to maintain the “retreat mindset” no matter what you are doing.