pelebruceharmanPele is the Fire Goddess of Hawaii, the goddess of volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Consequently, she is also known as the Goddess of Creation —since she spews forth the earth upon which we live. She is quite powerful and as she creates she also destroys what is meant to be no more.

Maui, as all the Hawaiian Islands, is volcanic in nature and has a spectacular 10,000 foot volcano (dormant) known as Haleakala, The House of the Sun.

Haleakala is a national park and a sacred destination. Some consider the mountain the “Heart Chakra” of the planet.

Pele Painting is by visionary artist Bruce Harman

Whether you go there for sunrise or sunset to watch the beauty of the day/night transition, or to go for a hike, or to simply watch the spectacular display of the clouds racing across the crater and dancing with the light, the crater of Haleakala is something to behold. It is not only different every time you go, but can change dramatically during the course of minutes.

kendraThis journey generally takes 4-6 hours, possibly more depending on the plan, your fitness and your desires. It takes an hour and 15 minutes to get to the summit.

How it is done has many variables depending on the weather, your desire and ability to hike, and your specific needs/interests, as well as the area of expertise of the practitioner joining you.


haleakalasummitOften, we begin the journey at the summit and enjoy the vistas from the top of Haleakala. The visitor center offers a look out into the crater that is mesmerizing.

heartcloudpathThen if a hike is desired, there are several options. If you are particularly fit, the sliding sands trail (Keonehe’ehe’e Trail) drops quickly from the 10,000 foot start into the crater. The moment you step over the side and into the crater itself, you are greeted with an incomparable silence. The pumice stone soaks up sound and the silence becomes loud. Even if we only venture down for five minutes, it is a worthy experience. You can continue to descend, but must remember, what goes down, must come up! Hiking at 10,000 feet in elevation is definitely breathtaking!


The Haleamau’u Trail is Eve’s favorite. Starting at 8,000 feet it is easier to traverse and less steep. It wraps around the outside of the mountain to the north and delivers the hikers at a ridge that looks down in the crater on one side and down to the ocean on the other. It is a spectacular spot to sit and picnic and contemplate or meditate.

Just beyond the “ridge” is a pinnacle that juts out into the crater and is the perfect moment to set your intentions and clarify your next steps in your life’s journey. Whether you meditate, pray, cleanse, release, or soak it all up, you will feel the mana, the power, of this place.



Photography by Eve Hogan