Monthly Heart Path Journeys’ One Day Retreats!

To be held on the last Friday of every month. Scroll down for scheduled dates.

Dec. 29, 2017

Creating The Vision with New Year’s Revelations 

With Eve Hogan, Hoku and Larissa Joy

Harness the Power of Co-Creation, Set your intentions, Tap into your Purpose, Start the 108-day Mindfulness Practice, Make Peace with the Past, embrace the Present, Step powerfully into the future!

Start the year with intentional steps, new skills and a practice of mindfulness!


9:00-10 Introduction, orientation and setting of intentions with Eve, Larissa and Hoku

10:00-noon session on  the Secrets of Co-Creation with Eve Hogan

We’ve all heard of “manifesting” but that conjures up the concept that we get to order Spirit around to follow our bidding. We have that a little backwards; our job is to learn to listen to Spirit’s bidding and follow the guidance. This unlocks the door to magical Co-creation. This session will reveal the practical and applicable steps for co-creation.

Noon to 1:00 Lunch (included) and a labyrinth walk

1:00-3:00 Clearing the Old, Creating the New with Larissa

Prepare to push yourself forward with thought, sound, movement and imagination… to let go of the stagnant energies that hold you back from the truth of your heart. With gentle guidance shimmy off the fears, insecurities, perceived limitations & traumas that have held you back from delving in to dynamic and powerful creator that you are.  Dive deep in to your own energetic waters and meet your divine self, then bring that beautiful aspect of yourself forward to experience a more magical life in this practical world.  If you are being called to unleash yourself, you have a gift to offer the world and it is imperative that you respond to the call.

3:00-3:15 break

3:15-4:45 Divine Guidance and Energy Clearing with Hoku

Receive direct guidance from your own guides and discover what it is you need to know. Hoku will deliver messages from her guides and yours to you to assist you in making sense of whatever is happening in your life and to make new choices if needed. Hoku also does energy work to clear any obstacles you may have that cause you to get stuck, assisting you in fully stepping forward on your own Heart Path with greater clarity and insight.

4:45-6:00 Integration with Eve, Larissa and Hoku

This will be a FUN, Powerful, day! Our intention is that you you will leave this session with a clear picture of what you are being called to do and who you are being called to be, will have a new skill set for co-creating this vision and will have cleared energetic obstacles blocking your way.

$111 includes a lunch, a 2018 spiral labyrinth calendar for tracking your personal patterns and progress and access to three practitioners (for a fraction of the cost of one session with any of them.)

Please RSVP as space is limited and lunches need to be ordered! 808-243-(PATH) 7284


Eve Hogan

Eve Hogan

Inspirational Educator

Eve is the owner of Heart Path Journeys and The Sacred Garden on Maui. She specialized in creating healthy, harmonious relationships—with yourself in the form of self-esteem and mastery, with loved ones, and with Spirit. Eve is the author of several books, videos, the spiral labyrinth calendar and writes the Real Love blog for Spirituality and Health Magazine. She is a huge advocate for taking personal responsibility for aligning your words, thoughts, beliefs and actions with your intentions and values. Her specialty is helping you to access SOUL-utions for life.





Intuitive Guidance

Hoku is a gifted intuitive, empath and energy healer. She has the ability to tap immediately into the wisdom of the universe to bring you direct guidance for the next steps on your path. Both Hoku’s guides and your own, offer you Real Life Support, followed by a powerful energy clearing to remove any obstacles so that you are well prepared to step boldly into the next phase of your journey.

Larissa Joy

Larissa Joy

Intuitive, Emotional Freedom

Larissa utilizes powerful modalities based in spirit and science to assist you in healing, finding clarity and empowering yourself to move forward in your life in ways that you may have only imagined. With a natural affinity for angelic connection, a direct line to Universal wisdom and an keen awareness of the intricate mechanisms of trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs Larissa will help you clear patterns that have plagued you for far too long on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. She will assist in aligning you with an easier, more joyful, more fulfilling life. Larissa specializes in life path, love path, trauma healing and empowering you to live the life that you want to be living, authentically.

2018 Schedule of Heart Path Series

January 26: Love: It Starts with YOU with Eve Hogan, Larissa Joy and Hoku

Feb. 23: Topic and practitioners to be determined

March 30: Topic and practitioners to be determined

April 27: Topic and practitioners to be determined

May 25: Topic and practitioners to be determined

June 29: Topic and practitioners to be determined

July 27: Topic and practitioners to be determined

Aug. 31: Topic and practitioners to be determined

Sept. 28: Topic and practitioners to be determined

Oct. 26: Topic and practitioners to be determined

Nov 30: Topic and practitioners to be determined

Dec. 28: Topic and practitioners to be determined