Spirit Walks

Spirit Walks are one of our Adventures in Awareness Hikes and offer a unique combination of hiking, stretching, yoga, balance and awareness—Natural Workouts

Our practitioner Nate Newcomer developed Spirit Walks to incorporate Six “S’s” Strength, Suppleness, Stamina, Sensitivity, Stability and Spirit

Nate explains, “The Six S philosophy invites you to consider that life is about adaptation, evolution, transformation and maintenance. Every day we experience new events, new information and new energy. But the question is, do we have the mechanics, the techniques or tools to smoothly integrate and assimilate our new experience?

‘Nature is the ultimate teacher. If we slow down and really observe nature and its mysterious creation, we can learn how to construct, adapt, evolve, transform and maintain our bodies, out minds and our spirits according to what is time tested and what actually works.”

Get out into out into the Gym of Nature in Maui’s beautiful forest….interact with the trees and rocks, and experience yourself as one with nature.

Nate also offers Cross training, Calisthenics, Forest Yoga, Tree Acrobatics, Power Hiking and Bo staff/yoga staff.

spirithike60 minutes, 90 minutes and two hour sessions available….

Whether you opt for a one-time experience or a series, your experience will work be unique, powerful and peaceful.