Adventure in Awareness Retreats

Nature is the best Teacher…

Adventure in Awareness Retreats are custom tailored (to any fitness level) to allow you to explore the many unique and beautiful environments Maui has to offer….

Experience a Pele Ceremony on top of Haleakala Crater, hike along ancient trails through rain forests, dip into a water fall, saunter on stunning white and black sand beaches, explore old lava flows, feel the wonder of a bamboo foreest… See petroglyphs and ancient sacred places. Experience Scuba Diving and Ziplines… All journeys onto the land are accompanied by a practitioner to gently guide you beyond just having fun and exploring to expanding your awareness in every day moments. This practice will serve you well in every aspect of your world back at home.

We provide you with skills, tools and perspectives that allow you maintain a “retreat mindset” of spiritual awareness and personal growth no matter what you are doing.

A few of the possibilities:

• Morning Beach Walk— A practitioner-guided walk along one of Maui’s most beautiful beaches! A beautiful way to get oriented to Maui and your retreat, while greeting the day and being caressed by the soft saltwater breezes of Maui’s beautiful North Shore.

• Pele Ceremony atop Haleakala  This session gets you out on the land into what many consider to be the Heart Chakra of the World. Haleakala stands 10,000 feet high in the midst of the Pacific Ocean offering unbeatable vistas and a haunting silence that stirs your soul. Pele, Hawaii’s Fire Goddess and the one responsible for the creation of the islands through her volcanic activity, is honored atop Haleakala, the house of the sun and a dormant volcano. Whether you opt to hike or simply meditate at the summit, you will leave this session with a deeper sense of connection to all that is. Opportunities range from beginner to advanced fitness.

• Deep into the Labyrinth While many understand the labyrinth as a walking mediation, the labyrinth is actually a rich field of metaphor for deeply understanding ourselves. It offers a mirror into which we can see ourselves and a blue-print for understanding the human spirit. Through a mix of information, a deepening perspective, the labyrinth walk and journaling processes, this promises to be a powerful experience. Maui has several labyrinths to explore in a variety of settings….

Even the typical tourist activities can be turned into a personal growth experience…here are some of the options that can woven into your retreat:


There is a great beach for walking, swimming or sun bathing just 10 minutes away from the garden. The typical weather pattern on Maui is calm in the morning and windy in the afternoon so if you want to go to the beach, your best weather will be the mornings. Beautiful beaches are located in the Wailea/Makena area (about 45 mintues away) and will be protected from wind later into the day.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

We also own a scuba diving charter boat and will be happy to arrange diving and snorkeling for you. Whether you are a certified diver, a first timer or a snorkeler, Molokini and the south shore of Maui offer excellent conditions. Be sure to let us know if this is of interest so we can work it into your itinerary. PLEASE NOTE…this can also be built into your itinerary with a practitioner to guide you through overcoming fear and turning your experience into one of personal growth.


The zipline is a total blast if you like adrenaline and are willing to take a leap of faith. In settings of absolute beauty, they also provide an opportunity to see parts of the island you would never see otherwise, and from the perspective of the birds! A practitioner can accompany you to help you overcome fear and experience the greatest growth…or you can go it alone!

Bike Down the Volcano

10,000 feet to sea level in a 35-mile downhill stretch. This is a seemingly benign activity as it is primarily down hill, but ends up being one of the most exhilarating on Maui. People seem to either love it or not…which are you?

Take a Helicopter Tour

Helicopters are an awesome, beautiful and oftentimes spiritual experience. They can also be an adrenaline rush and a bit scary. Unparalleled beauty can only be seen in this manner.

Drive The Road to Hana

The drive to Hana is only about 35 miles from The Sacred Garden but it takes nearly 2 hours, depending on how often you stop to take pictures. It is a stunningly beautiful coastline dotted by one-lane bridges, waterfalls, and little farm stands selling flowers and banana bread. Hana itself, a very small town with a hotel, gas station and small store, is a blink and you missed it. There are some nice beaches there and it is a bit like driving backward in time. The road beyond Hana leads to Seven Sacred Pools, hiking areas and a tedious road (that most rental cars don’t allow you to drive).

Sunrise from Haleakala Crater (or sunset…)

There is something magical about seeing the sunrise from 10,000 feet up—coming up over the ocean and the clouds…welcoming the day. It is an equally beautiful way to end the day—watching the sunset over the sea.


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