Mystery School Maui!

Mystery School Maui is an intensive opportunity to train with Maui’s mystics, healers, intuitives and masters.

It differs from a retreat because it is geared toward mastery, not an introduction to these concepts. On a retreat many are coming for a short term healing experience so they can return to their normal lives with a higher level of joy, success, and purpose. When you join the Mystery School, you never again return to a “normal” existence. Rather, you enter the realm of extraordinary. On a retreat, we provide treatments, experiences and guidance for you. In a Mystery School, we teach you how to heal yourself and guide others. We teach you how to access, harness and master your intuitive gifts, and healing abilities.

At the Mystery School, you learn to manage the unseen realms, hear your guides and offer guidance, co-create with Spirit, explore your creative abilities and powers and dive deeply into the serenity of silence.

Immersed in a sacred valley on Maui, known as a place where messages travel quickly to the Listener, you will learn from nature, from silence, from journeying inward, from those who have walked the path and are here to teach and guide.

We offer 1- month, 3-month and 6-month enrollments and only work with one or two initiates at a time.

Temple House

Your accommodations while in the mystery school are nestled in a sacred valley, beside a seasonal stream with views of the majestic Haleakala Mountain. On the edge of a rain forest, the mists come and go revealing rainbows, and support the growth of plants, animals and humans. Flowers, fruit, veggies, and turmeric are grown on the property and getting your hands in the soil, learning to grow food, is part of the mystery school experience.

Topics of Study

Inward Journeys: Meditation/Labyrinth

Sound Healing

Intuititive Guidance


Nature and Energy Medicine

Shamanism: Magic and Co-creation


Creative Expression: Writing/Art


Nature as Teacher

Our practitioners will guide you to listen carefully to the whisperings of the rocks, flowers, trees and plants and learn to be guided by their wisdom. The indigenous cultures knew the power of listening to the whispers of the land. This practice will guide you to hear the wisdom of your own intuition, as well.

Through this immersion, you will see your place in nature, not as separate but as one. Nature is the portal to your own divine nature.