Magical Maui is home of some of the world’s most gifted psychic intuitives and healers.

Our Intuitives guide you to make wise choices by providing information from your own spirit guides, messages from loved ones on the other side, and their own spiritual guidance council. Some work with angels, others spirit guides, some use cards in the reading and others can hear the voices of your lost loved ones. All of them will give you insight, new perspectives, messages to guide your free will, encourage you to pay attention to your own intuition and notice the signs and “feelings” that already guide you. Rather than predicting your future, they help you to see which decisions you are leaning toward and reveal hidden information that you may want to consider. Often we simply need validation of our own intuition, encouragement to take the next steps and a clear reminder that we are not alone on this journey through life.

Sessions range from $195-300. Not on Maui? Many are available by Skype or Telephone as well.


We personally pre-screen and hand pick the intuitives that we recommend for you so you don’t have to wonder if you are getting a good one … or not.




Intuitive and Energy Clearer

Inaiya—Akashic Readings and Spiritual Guidance

InaiyaBioEveInaiya has the ability to access your Akashic Record—the history of your past lives and your soul’s current state of evolution—and share with you the relevant information that is impacting you now, in this lifetime. Through insight, guidance and energy clearing, she will help you gain understanding, clear karma, balance your chakras and powerfully move forward free of the residue of the past.

Alicia—Physical Intuitive

Over lifetimes, various types of trauma and energy can become stagnant Alicia Smwithin our bodies, causing illness, pain, or emotional imbalance. The gift of ‘Spiritual Sight’ allows our practitioner to ‘see’ into your body below the surface of the skin using Divine Energy channeled through her super-sensitized hands. First, you will receive a cleansing scan of your energy field helping to balance your energy centers. Next, she will perform an energy scan of your body using only her hands in a no-touch manner. This allows her to view a small section of your body at a time from various perspectives such as the musculature, the bones, the organs, the etc. As she peers inside your body, dis-ease and stuck energy and stagnant emotions may be detected and released. This work often involves the assistance of a divine Ascended Master.

Alicia’s sessions are done in person and last 1.5-2 hourss

Jjanet_baldwin_photo2anet—Empowerment Tools and Psychic Reading

As a healer, mystic and psychic, Janet has been inspired and nourished by her natural ability to assist others in their healing and transformation process. By tapping into the guidance of the angels, Janet will answer specific questions that you may have about your life. Janet is also a Reiki master and shares empowerment tools to reinforce your journey.

Janet’s Sessions are usually an hour and a half and she is also available by phone or skype session.




Intuitive and Emotional Freedom Technique


Hoku— Intuitive Guidance and Energy Clearing

Hoku is a gifted intuitive who specializes in tell you what your own guides want you to know. By being a clear channel to the messages of your guides and her own, she will empower you with guidance that is exactly what you need to hear, at exactly the time you need to hear it. She calls her work “Real Life Support”…and that is exactly what she does—provides guidance to support your choices, your happiness and your purpose. During the second part of the session, after the guidance, Hoku clears the energetic obstacles to your next steps to support you in moving forward and taking action on the insight you have received.

Hoku’s sessions typically last two hours and she is available both in person and via Skype.

profile02Larissa—Intuitive, Card Reading, Emotional Freedom Technique

Larissa utilizes powerful modalities based in spirit and science to assist you in healing, finding clarity and empowering yourself to move forward in your life in ways that you may have only imagined.  You will literally be tapping in to the trapped thoughts, emotions and energies within yourself to find total clarity.

Larissa uses her gifts of clairsentience & chanelling along with her keen awareness of the intricate mechanisms of trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs. Larissa will help you clear patterns that have plagued you for far too long on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and she will assist in aligning you with an easier, more joyful, more fulfilling life.

Sure to leave you lighter, clearer and excited about moving forward, with all the tools you need to do it!

Larissa specializes in life path, love path, trauma healing and empowering you to live the life that you want to be living, authentically. 

Larissa’s sessions are usually 1.5 hours and she is available in person and via skype.

Danielle—Healer, Intuitive, Wellness CoachDanielle_Ryan_Yoga_Photosm

Danielle is gifted in both creating a practical step-by-step strategy for forward motion while simultaneously intuitively guiding you to identify stuck energy and emotions in your body. She has developed a totally unique process of combining  the crystal powers of “gem combs” with her strong intuitive insight, to assist you in clearing and balancing your whole being. Danielle is also trained in ayurvedic wellness practices and life coaching.

Danielle’s sessions can be 1.5-2 hours. Wellness coaching can be done by phone or skype but Gemcomb Healing needs to be in person.

Vivi—Psychic Medium15542073_1495790420448486_5025876335045455750_n


Vivi has the rare talent of being able to receive messages from the spirits of who have passed away.

While the spirits are not “on call” and thus have to be willing partners in delivering the message, Vivi has the amazing ability to be able to hear what they have to say and pass that message on to you.

Vivi is the “real deal.”

She prefers to do her sessions in person and they range between an hour and two.

Crystal Gem Combs

Crystal Gem Combs

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EveatweddingcuteAs owner of Heart Path Journeys, I am VERY particular about who I refer or promote.  It is critical to me that the Practioners and Intuitives are THE REAL DEAL, are grounded in their wisdom, and have the upmost integrity.

I have had sessions with all of them, have sought their help in times of need, and can personally vouch for the quality of their services.

This is NOT entertainment. Nor do we want you to become needy of external advice. All of our intuitives are focused on empowering you to trust yourself, make your own decisions and move forward powerfully—with a little help, a solid nudge and a lot of loving compassion.

I will be happy to help you arrange a session (or entire retreat) that meets your timeline, your needs, and your budget.

–Eve Eschner Hogan