lightlabyrinth” Le Guru is You! ” Interview Sessions

” When was the last time you truly felt heard?”   

Many times during the course of our lives we experience the uncomfortable feeling that we are not being heard.  This can  be felt  on many levels;  whether it is not being heard by our partners, our family members, our bosses, and sometimes with all the noise that surrounds our daily lives we can’t even hear ourselves. 

Paul recognizes that all of us are ‘Gurus’ (dispellers of darkness) and appreciates the inherent wisdom each of us possess.  The interview sessions are uniquely created to place the ‘guru’ in a position of sharing what they know best, themselves.  Paul’s intuitive and heartfelt questioning guides the process and co-creates with the client to create a powerful reminder of what you are truly looking for and many times to discover what has been there all along.  In Paul’s studio setting, one is able to speak their truth without the fear of being judged, helping you to move towards a shift in perspective or to welcome in a frequency of thought that you have longed to accept, or to express the joy you have in being who you are.  

The interview session is recorded and a MP3 file will be emailed to you the week following your interview.  The recorded interview sessions can be a poignant legacy that you can share with loved ones as well.  

“Paul is an outstanding interviewer…I discovered that the process of being interviewed is profoundly therapeutic….In talking about my life with Paul, I gained clarity and direction and now have a better sense of where I want to go from here. Overall, I believe that I gained more than I would have through many hours of conventional therapy or “life coaching”.  — Bart W.  

 “Paul has such a gift for creating space for the best of the higher Consciousness speaking.  When I listened to it I really felt like it was my soul talking to me, telling me exactly what I needed to hear.” – Ava W.

We have found that by offering this as a part of your retreat, you walk away with a (recorded) glimpse of your own inner wisdom— a valuable reminder that you have what you need within you.