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The Soul-utions for Relationships Virtual Retreat Video Series is HERE!

Included in the series are the foundational sessions of my Relationship and Personal Growth Retreats.


Six Essential Life Skills

Insight to Self

The Ego Dance (Available free below as a Series Preview)

The EROS Equation


Whether used as a refresher after a retreat, preparation before a retreat, a supplement to a retreat or a home study program instead of a retreat on Maui, Hawaii, this information is the SOUL-ution for relationships!

$99 for over 4 hours of content, and an autographed copy of The EROS Equation—a fraction of the cost of an in-person retreat in Hawaii.

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Enjoy Session Four: The Ego Dance for free!

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Sweet Testimonial from Soul-utions for Relationships Virtual Retreat Guest:

“So far your video’s have  worked wonders for me. I love them, and I love you for who you are and how well you’ve articulated your messages, techniques and wisdom’s. I’ve gained tremendous insight into myself and my partner and started to apply so many of your skills. Your work has literally steered my ship back on course. There’s not enough hugs and thank you’s in the world to show my appreciation. Also, my partner has become so impressed and enamoured with the more attentive, self aware, loving, caring person I’m becoming that she’s starting to follow along with me, despite being far more advanced and emotionally equipped than me with relationships. How beautiful is that? For me it was easy to get back on track following your wisdom’s. I’ve meditated for 32 years since I was 25 and my spiritual core is highly evolved and fully in tact so self observing was like taking a deeper breath than normal, and wow! The results are magnificent.
Thank you, so much :))”

Included in Soul-utions for Relationships Virtual Retreat are the core sessions that we recommend everyone study:

Orientation — In this session you will be introduced to the retreat experience, explained the process of personal growth and change, guided to set your intentions and to begin the process of letting go of that which is no longer serving you. You will be introduced to the personal growth principles that will quicken your understanding and deepen your experience. You will be introduced to the labyrinth as a path for self-discovery and self- mastery.

Insight to Self — During this session we explore a deep understanding of the human spirit and the ego mind, and tools for accessing our authentic essence, inner wisdom and sense of self-esteem. It seems that sense self-esteem  diminishes over time such that by the time we are young adults many of us are essentially crippled by our negative self-talk, lack of confidence and the unconscious manipulative behaviors that ensue. This session will deepen your understanding and compassion for the human experience, provide a clear understanding of the ego’s misguided attempts to protect us and teach you how to turn your self-esteem around. This session will both deepen your understanding of yourself, and anyone else you are in relationship with. This will begin-or strengthen- the journey of self-love and authenticity, which is the first ingredient to a harmonious, sustainable relationship.

Six Essential Life Skills — Powerful skills that should be a part of everyone’s personal practice for accessing wisdom, making decisions and aligning our behavior with our goals. Whether applied to relationships, work or simply one’s personal well-being, mastering these essential skills allow you to master yourself.

Creating Healthy Relationships: The Ego Dance—Relationships, we are all either trying to get into one, get out of one, understand one, improve one or heal from one. Relationships often turn out to be ego battle ships instead of an authentic expression of love. In this session relationships dynamics will be explored along with an introduction to powerful and practical tools for transcending the ego, aligning your words, thoughts and actions with what you want to create. The information shared will deepen your insight into your own behavior and your partners and instill you with greater compassion and understanding.

The EROS Equation—A deepening of the Ego Dance, offering additional powerful relationship skills for transforming your relationship-and your life-into one of true joy, love and satisfaction. In this session you will learn the powerful secrets of The Eros Equation and discover your power for creating healthy relationships with yourself and others. The EROS equation offers both practical understanding of what goes wrong in a relationship and immediate application of how to repair it.

Integration — In the integration session, Eve will assist you in connecting the dots between all of your sessions to ensure you have a deep understanding of your experience, a practice, skills and tools for taking powerful and positive next steps on your journey through life. The process of change will be explained so that you deeply understand how to step back onto your chosen path when you have seemingly fallen (or been pushed) off. You will depart fully empowered to implement the experiences, insights and lessons from your retreat into your everyday life. The integration session is designed to assist you in pulling all the pieces of your retreat together and ensuring that you have a clear practice for maintaining your strength and balance when you get home.

Get access to the full four hour series now, as well as an autographed copy of The EROS Equation book for less than the cost of one session in person. $99

Skype and Phone Sessions:

Many of our sessions are available via Skype or over the phone —whether you want long distance coaching or follow up after a retreat. Call to inquire 808-243-PATH (7284)

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“I  wrote a Q and A Relationship Column in the Maui Newspaper for nearly 10 years, which was extremely popular. People loved the practical application of relationships skills and tools to real-life situations. They stopped me on the street to let me know how the application of these concepts had made a difference in their lifes—making them happier and their relationships healthier. Consequently, I decided to film the Q and A to offer ongoing support in creating more joyful, real-ationships.”

—Eve Hogan

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Einstein said, “You can’t solve problems from the same mindset that created them” In these videos, Eve offers a new perspective, a new mindset and new tools and skills for:

  • Creating healthy, harmonious relationships
  • Enhancing Self-esteem
  • Dating Wisely, Happily and Joyfully
  • Accessing Intuition, Wisdom and Soul-utions
  • Dealing with Loss and Grief
  • Deepening Your Spiritual Life

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