Door County Wisconsin Retreats!

Meditation, Stress Reduction, Land Medicine, Qigong, Massage!

Our primary Door County practitioner, Barbara Wulf, will guide you through your retreat with a focus on MINDFULNESS.

Mindfulness develops moment-to-moment awareness, and the potential to experience each moment, no matter how difficult or intense, with greater ease and balance. Participants will learn various forms of mindfulness meditation including sitting meditation, mindful movement, body scan, as well as learn how to use the breath as a stress reduction tool.

“Mindfulness really is a practice of cultivating non-judgmental awareness in everyday life, it develops the potential to experience each moment, no matter how difficult or intense, with greater serenity and clarity … you learn to be with your experience. When you’re stressed, you often push your experience away and look for distractions, like bad TV or drinking too much wine, just not really being with and accepting what’s going on.” explains Barbara.

Barbara herself turned to meditation in 1997 when she faced a particularly trying time in her life and after a diligent five years of practice, attended training for the MBSR program at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Medical School Center for Mindfulness. Since completing her training, she has taught at universities, community clinics, nonprofits and corporate settings.

Since Hawaii is a long way from much of the world, we are now offering private retreats in Door County Wisconsin. Door county is a magical secret in the midst of Wisconsin farm land. Door County is known for its charming series of mariner and artists communities. The lake side communities offer a stunning backdrop for personal growth, mindfulness and stress reduction.

All Heart Path Journeys retreats come with a set of Eve’s Virtual Retreat DVD’s “Soul-utions for Relationships.” This allows you to gain the valuable content of relationship skills starting with Insight to Self. This, combined with the face to face training from our skilled practitioners in our satellite locations, equips you with the tools, skills and perspectives you need to move your life forward joyfully and mindfully.

Session descriptions and itineraries coming soon—to include Meditation, Mindfulness, Land Medicine, Massage, Labyrinth Walks, and the antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder!

To begin exploring the possibilities for your Door County Retreat call 808-243-PATH (808-243-7284) or send an inquiry.