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Wellness and Yoga Retreats

      Your experience is created by you. Whatever you want, we have!

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    The practitioners are all carefully selected for you,

as they are exceptional and talented individuals in their given field.

Group and Team Retreats


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Life Transition Retreats

Heart Path Journeys

offers private and small group, personal growth, relationship and self-mastery retreats JUST FOR YOU on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Maui offers a diverse and beautiful backdrop for growth, health and wellness. While Hawaii is well-known as a world-class beach destination, many are unaware of the immense beauty that awaits just off the beaten path. Go into the heart and soul of Maui—so you may awaken your heart and soul. Be guided by Eve Eschner Hogan and Heart Path Journey's team of excellent practitioners. Call NOW to begin your journey: 808-243-PATH

Peace and serenity are waiting for YOU


The ability to create peace and clarity in your life is an essential skill that will powerfully impact every area of your life. We will guide you along YOUR Heart Path on a Sacred Maui Retreat.


Experience sacred healing grounds

The beautiful grounds located in the jungle on Maui give you a chance to unwind and relax. The natural beauty, and array of exotic plant life are sure to spark in you a newfound or renewed respect for the gorgeous world that surrounds you.

Rejuvenate your life


Join us for a Sacred Maui Retreat to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Now is the time to recalibrate your life, and set intentions that are in alignment with who you really are.

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Eve Hogan

EveatweddingcuteEve Eschner Hogan, owner of Heart Path Journeys, is an author, speaker, and revered spiritual leader. She is the writer of the Real Love Blog and the host of the Love Well Podcast for Spirituality and Health Magazine.

Her work bridges the gap between the head and heart so the two work in alignment instead of opposition. By offering skills and tools, sharing stories and wisdom, Eve will guide and empower you to master your self and your life—joyfully.

Eve will work with you to create your perfect Sacred Maui Retreat itinerary.

Eve is also an avid photographer and the majority of the pictures on the site were taken by her …real people, real retreats.

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“Incredible journey. The sacred garden is an amazing place to visit. My husband and I attended a retreat with Eve, she is an incredible teacher and has changed our lives in so many ways. We will be going back as a family in the near future. For any couple contemplating relationship retreats, Maui Is an incredible place to visit and Eve Is a fantastic educator.”

“We had a wonderful day retreat. Eve, Larissa, and Hoku were amazing. We both felt lighter after we left and received a lot of clarity. I’m excited to practice what I’ve learned. Thank you very much for the best experience we’ve had in Maui… And in life! :)”

-A and D, Los Angeles 2015

“Eve Hogan is extraordinary as a relationship consultant. She brings not only a joyful, full-of-life, huge smile personality, but vast pragmatic experience, meaningful stories and examples that all can relate to, and a command understanding of her relationship consultation specialty. I would highly recommend Eve and her staff at Heart Path Journeys on Maui to anyone who may need some fine tuning. It will be the time of their life.”

Gene Backus

“Last week my husband and I were working on our divorce, planning out how to separate our finances, and then we had a two-hour session with Eve. It was powerful and amazing. Now we are working on our marriage.”

— J and A, Maui

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